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I grew up a picky kid who saw little of the world. I reached adulthood and somewhere along the way, I learned to love it all- the food, the travel, and most notably, the experience of seeing something new. Whether by car, bus, by foot or plane and whether staying in hostels, hotels, or tents, every travel experience has made me the grizzled veteran I am today. If I could grow a beard rest assured that it would be Grizzly Adams style!

With this blog, I hope to share my experiences, the lessons I’ve learned along the way, and be a resource for fellow travelers who want to see the world. I’ve been an active Trip Advisor and Yelp contributor, but those portals stand alone. My goal for this blog is to gather and share all of my knowledge to pay it forward and help readers plan their trips their way.

These are the 4 tenets that guide the way we travel (and the blog):

  1. We are not luxurious, though we splurge on experiences here and there.
  2. We love all foods of all ethnicities. We seek out the best hole in the wall, food trucks, all the way to top of the line 3-star Michelin restaurants. Great food has no limits.
  3. We love alcohol. From wine tasting in Hungary to Tequila tasting in Mexico to hitting up San Diego’s best breweries, we love the flavors (especially when it pairs well with food) and the fun it brings.
  4. We seek out views left and right. Whether head out early to catch sunrise, pull over to snag a picture, spend a day hiking to a summit, or go hours out of our way for a must see, we will see it!


How I would best describe my traveling self:

  • Pictures? Yes, always, for memories, not as much for Instagram/snapchat, but just enough to test my husband’s sanity. These are also my travel souvenirs!
  • “No regrets”
  • Every experience has something to be gained
  • I don’t 100% penny pinch but I don’t 100% splurge, but I do know you can have 200% of a vacation!
  • I always have “must do’s” on my trips and I plan, every trip has some sort of baseline itinerary
  • I can get nasty cases of FOMO toward the end of trips and get over it by convincing myself I’ll be back someday….and then hitting a local watering hole for some adult beverages

You can also learn more about me in my first blog post about traveling personalities: What kind of traveler am I and what kind are you?

About me, a little more personal

Bon voyage!

Hey, I’m Alison. I grew up in the same sunny Northern California town for eighteen years, checked out the east coast during the next decade, and then returned to NorCal, yearning for the most awesome weather and instant cures for my ethnic food cravings. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the most awesome traveling companion (we’ll call him “J”) along with me for most of my adventures.

*Note that all opinions in this blog are my own and I have not been compensated by any individual or entity. My travels are subsidized by federal holidays, PTO and a non-traveling day job.

If there’s ANYTHING you’d like to see added (or deleted), don’t hesitate to email me – livelaughchew@gmail.com