5 things you can do in Tokyo, that you may not find at home…

Dear Tokyo, after my short visit, you have made a lasting impression in my brain (I can’t stop thinking about you!). The good news is all of that thought reminded me of some amazing things that you may only be able to find in one of the world’s largest cities!

1) Dominque Ansel Bakery

No line for Cronuts! (or anything else for that matter) and you don’t need to wake up before dawn either. Head to Ginza, where the Mitsukoshi mall opens at 10:30. Bonus, watching a mall open in Tokyo is an experience by itself. It’s extremely formal and may even make you feel like royalty when you enter!

Proceed to the B2 level behind the escalator and receive your prized Cronut!

2) KitKat Chocolatory

Imagine a store that sells KitKats up the walls! C’mon, give me a break! 😉 Even if you don’t make it to the KitKat Confection shops in Tokyo or Kyoto, you will have a final chance at the airport to snatch boxes of KitKats in flavors like Green Tea, Strawberry, or Cantaloupe – Yes, Kit Kats can have fruit flavors!

3) Warm Seats

Sit on warm toilet seats, nearly everywhere. OK a few public spots don’t offer them, but most places, including your hotel, will offer a warmed toilet seat. It’s even nicer in winter! (Let’s get to the bottom of this)

Look at this little guy! “Feed me more meal worm snacks!”

4) Shibuya Crossing

Watch a sea of people cross the street at Shibuya Crossing and then watch it again. Tip, there’s a Starbucks and you can sit on the 2nd floor to watch the lights turn red and crossing signal turn green. Here’s the timelapse version, short and sweet –  One of many crossings

5) Harry Hedgehog Cafe

Play with animals while sipping hot drinks. This includes holding, feeding, and playing with a hedgehog! You know those cute poky rodent lookalikes with the little snout nose? Well, Harry Hedgehog Café, and a few other places in Tokyo, offer them for play during the day. Gotta say, it’s quite relaxing (and cute!) If you’re not into hedgehogs, there are bunny and owl cafe’s too!

Although I wish my time there did not have to end, the memories will make me smile for years to come.

ありがとうございました (Arigatōgozaimashita) Tokyo.  I think I’m in love!

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